Resolutions Team

KATHY YOUNG, Chief Executive Officer, CPC, CPMA

Kathy Young, CPC, CPMA is the CEO of Resolutions Billing & Consulting, Inc. and a Certified Professional Coder with the Academy of Professional Coders with over 19 years of experience in medical billing. In 2009 Kathy received certification as a Certified Professional Medical Auditor with the National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists. She has spoken to such groups as Decision Health, Medical Association of Billers, AAPC and Synergy on medical billing strategies and asset recovery. Kathy sits on the advisory board for colleges and speaks to graduating classes of medical billers on the importance of integrity in their chosen fields of billing. Her further accomplishments include assisting physician practices that were in danger of bankruptcy and government audits due to poor billing practices and weak compliance by teaching them how to follow compliance laws and strengthen their practices. Kathy has written several featured articles and had the opportunity to speak at the National Physicians Conference. She is a proficient biller and collector that understands the importance of compliant billing and collecting in today's regulatory atmosphere. She has performed compliance audits for hospitals and clinics throughout the United States.

CARI McCORMICK, Vice President of Finance, CPMA

Cari McCormick is not only the VP of Finance but also oversees some of our largest accounts in pain management. In early 2009 Cari received her certification as a Certified Professional Medical Auditor. Her background in banking management and experience in customer service has served our clients well. Cari has had the opportunity to address providers, billers and coders at national conferences. She is proficient in pain management codes, policies, and procedures. "Raising the Standards of Medical Billing" was added to our logo by Cari as it truely reflects her heart and desire to see Resolutions as a major player in the medical billing industry in raising the standards of medical billing.

DAN YOUNG, Vice President of Operations

Dan Young is the VP of Operations and his understanding of systems and methodology allow the inner workings of Resolutions to run smoothly. Dan was formerly a pastor and has also worked in the tire retreading industry as a production manager. Dan has also spent time in a call center atmosphere before partnering with the family to start Resolutions Billing & Consulting, Inc. Dan's desire is for Resolutions to become a major player in the medical billing world, being a resource for billers and providers who need help in their respective fields.

KEVIN McCORMICK, Vice President of Marketing/Credentialing

Kevin McCormick is the VP of Marketing. Before Resolutions Kevin worked for one of the top companies in corporate America. Kevin is the face of Resolutions as he encounters the needs and expectations of providers from many specialties and disciplines. Kevin works with our credentialing department and coordinates the needs of our providers with the insurance provider relations departments.