Resolutions began with a dream. It was a dream to build a billing company that would provide for the family of the owners, our employees, our clients and for others that we support through our giving. Our dream was always to build a company that had integrity and one that held to our core values without compromise. Because we are all human, this dream, though simplistic, seems difficult to always achieve. But all dreams, when we try to make them a reality, take hard work and diligence while staying the course.

Our mission statement:

Utilizing experience and integrity, Resolutions Billing & Consulting provides efficient and effective medical billing services and consulting that enable our clients to achieve greater revenue and profits.

Efficient and effective medical billing comes with hard work and attention to detail. Just any old code will not work. It must be the right code with the right information and it must be honest and truthful to the best of our ability. Just by doing it right, we will achieve greater revenue and profits for our clients and for Resolutions. It is a formula for success. But it takes men and women who want to do their best with the skill and knowledge that has been given to them both by their Creator and by their education and talents.

Our Values at Resolutions are three-fold:

  • 1. For our clients, we shall treat them with respect and dignity. It is the responsibility of Resolutions . . . to service our clients with C.A.R.E. (Customers Are Really Everything). Let's face it, we would not have a business without our clients. All clients are important. Educating our clients is very essential to the success of Resolutions. We want our clients to succeed in their billing and documentation. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial and business goals.
  • 2. For our employees, we shall demonstrate fairness, honesty and ethical behavior in all aspects of the working environment. Here is the challenge. We must work together and share with each other fairness, honesty and ethical behavior. We must care about our "work" neighbor to not talk bad about them or to rejoice in their hurts, but to put our arm around them to help them be the best they can be. Our Core Values need to be demonstrated in all that we do. Our Core Values are:
    • a. Respect
    • b. Integrity
    • c. Competency
    • d. Humility
  • 3. For our company, we shall remain knowledgeable through education in our chosen field to meet all compliance requirements. We must stay on top of our game. We must read and study and take classes that will make us better employees and a better company to serve our clients.

It is not always easy to make these ideals a reality. But we are determined to continue to create this company to meet the needs of our clients and our staff. It takes all of us make this dream possible. But no dream can become a reality without hard work, integrity and the determination to stay the course. Thank you for helping us all to achieve the dream that is called Resolutions Billing & Consulting, Inc.

Kathy Young, CEO CPC CPMA