What is "On Demand?"
On Demand technology is software that utilizes the internet as its means of transporting data. On demand Technology cuts costs for the user while providing the best in technical support. With access to the internet, the software applications are always on demand.

With On Demand technology, Resolutions Billing & Consulting, Inc. cuts upfront expenses of software licenses and hardware. We take advantage of first-class infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of managing the software in-house. Software from our On Demand provider can be updated frequently in response to our client needs.

Our software provider automates routine maintenance tasks such as backups, hardware upgrades, and security protection. Change is embraced and even built into the delivery of applications with regular and automatic software updates.

What this means for our Clients?

Because we utilize the internet for our billing services, our clients have immediate “on demand” access to their patient demographics, reports, and scanned documents.

The virtual fax number, referred to as "kfax," complies with HIPAA regulations. Our clients simply fax the patient billing documents to an assigned number. This reduces the need for paper copies, and eliminates the need for couriers, mailing, and other forms of shipping medical documents.

Our clients, who subscribe to our scheduler, have the option to “card scan” the patient’s medical and personal ID cards.

Our clients enjoy a peace of mind that Resolutions Billing & Consulting, Inc. is a modern, forward thinking company that uses the first on-demand revenue cycle automation software designed for businesses that provide outsourced medical billing and other managed services to physicians.