Resolutions Billing & Consulting, Inc. offers this program to capture insurance payments for Accounts Receivable early in the billing process. Our Early Out Program keeps you in control of all of your accounts. This program is designed to enhance your current billing program. "Early Out" refers to outsourcing your unpaid claims at an earlier time than the more familiar AR Recovery Program, which is usually after 120 days.

How this will be accomplished:

  1. Using the information you provide to us, we will identify those claims which are billed electronically, but have not been posted (paid) within the first thirty days. We will call on these claims to resolve the issues for slow payment.
  2. We will identify those claims which are billed on paper but have not been posted (paid) within the first 45 to 60 days. Calling on these claims will help resolve the issues for slow or non-payment.

The Plan:

  1. Step One. This step does not include the billing. What we do is call upon your unpaid claims for resolution. We will identify the issues of no pay or slow pay, and report back to you what steps are needed to facilitate receipt of payment.
  2. Step Two. This step includes rebilling with corrections, if necessary. What we will do is resubmit any unpaid claims that contain errors or omissions. If the claim has not been received by the carrier, we will notify you to have the claim resubmitted.
  3. Step Three. If a claim has been under-paid or denied, we will write the appeal letter and appeal the claim. This may also include a request for copies of the medical records.
  4. Step Four. We will call on your older Accounts Receivable. We want to help you get your oldest aging down to 5% or lower if possible. Our goal is to help our providers achieve greater revenue and profits.

What we offer:

  1. Using your data we will utilize an experienced staff in insurance collections to call upon the insurances that have not paid in a timely manner. For insurances that have a web-site for providers for claims checking, we will use your established logins, or create new ones which will belong to you. Our follow up program will get the results you desire.
  2. We will produce timely reports which will keep your practice appraised of the results of our follow up procedures. These reports will be provided to you as often as you require them.

Resolutions Billing & Consulting, Inc. is HIPAA compliant. Our procedures have been developed utilizing the requirements from the Office of the Inspector General (the OIG.) In addition, we have all employees sign a Confidentiality Agreement.