Medical Billing is not just putting the right code in the right box, it begins when the patient makes the appointment and ends with maximum reimbursement! We understand the needs in your office. Therefore, we have designed our billing services around those needs. Our services include Electronic Remittance, Document Imaging, On-Demand billing system, On-Demand Reports, and aggressive account receivables. We promise we will bring all claims to RESOLUTION!

Summary of Billing Services:

Claim Follow-up
OUR STRENGTH IS FOLLOW-UP! This process is critical for maximum reimbursement. Because our fees are a percentage of collected charges, we are diligent to bring all claims to resolutions.

The fantastic part of our billing model is you have access to your patient information anytime, anywhere. Management Reports are available at all times using your login and password. Example: You need to know if an insurance is paying on time. Just a few clicks away and you will know who your good paying insurance is and which one is not.

Document Imaging
We are excited to announce our new DOCUMENT IMAGING service. Instead of faxing, mailing or courier service, we have implemented the latest technology in medical billing. We can receive your Superbill, Facesheets, and notes straight from your office and into our billing system without photocopying. This will eliminate errors due to bad copies or missed information. Furthermore, the medical record is saved and can be used at anytime. If an insurance is requesting medical records all you need to do is scan the notes and then we will attach the notes to the claim. The document is then sent electronically to the insurance company, unless otherwise directed.

Payment Posting and Electronic Remittance
We post payments utilizing Electronic Remittance and received EOB's. All checks and paper EOB'S will be delivered to your office, however we will ease your burden of payment posting. The Electronic Remittance will be delivered and posted automatically.

Scheduling and Registration
If your office needs scheduling and registration, our system will not only meet those needs, in addition, your patient demographics will be the same for our billing. Your staff can enter the patient information, and immediately, that information will be available to process charges. Imagine, no more double entry and less paperwork! A great benefit of this feature is when your patient comes in the front desk will know if they have any outstanding statements. With good management your practice will be successful with very little outstanding. There may be additional cost for the scheduling and registration system.

Electronic Claim Submission
We bill all claims electronically, unless the insurance does not accept this type. The electronic billing has several levels of checking the claim. With each level, we are able to correct a problem before it gets denied at the insurance company, saving valuable time and money. Demographics, zip codes, diagnosis codes and many other data entry checks are done.

Patient Statements
Patient Statements are mailed monthly. Postage is included in the service fee. If the patient does not pay after the 90 day statement is due, she will receive another letter which at that time will begin a process of collection.